Deepika looks sexy even in traditional wear

Once again Deepika Padukone is in news as the Bollywood superstar Rajnikanth dislikes the look of her for his upcoming movie ‘Rana’. Rajnikanth called his makeup artist and asked about Deepika’s look and gave instructions to artist for her sexy look which is the demand of this movie. Now the rumor suggests that Deepika takes one step forward from the demand of Rajnikanth. On the set of movie ‘Rana’, she appears in a sexy look, she wears a traditional south Indian dress in which she looks very hot.

Deepika said that she never hesitate opposite big stars. Deepika is not only a hot actress but she is also a super model. Recently Shot Digital Camera in India has appointed Deepika as the brand ambassador for new Cyber Shot Digital camera. Sony India is planning to invest more than Rs. 50 crore for their products marketing campaign in India with Deepika Padukone. As per company sources Deepika is youth icon of Indian youngster, so they decided to select her. Sony Cyber Shot Digital camera comes with latest and advanced features.