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Channel V launched India’s first ever live bollywood movie, Andaman Apia Very Hake. The movie will be scripted, directed and produced by Channel V, and would release on the same date of its production. made the launch even more exciting by posing for the cameras in a red hot outfit.

I don’t know what Channel V is up to, but I’m sure that they would have a bunch of jobless (and talentless) actors in the movie. Probably they are planning to cast their super-irritating VJs, Lola Kutty and Juhi.

If you love Channel V and their stupidity, or Neha Dhupia and her dumbness (okay, she looks good), check out the launch party.

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Neha Dhupia tpos 2011
Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia photo
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Few days back, reported that do you have guess who will play Eva Braun, a dear friend of Hitler. Well none other than former Miss India, Neha Dhupia.

Director, Rakesh Ranjan Kumar has planned to make a movie on love story between, Hitlet and his dear friend, Eva Braun. The director has roped Anupam Kher as Hitler, and Neha Dhupia as Eva. Imtiaz Ali is the creative consultant for this film.

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Neha Dhupia might not be that much a shining star. She might not be in the news as much as Katrina is. Neha might not have that much frequency of successful hits as has delivered till now. But, look how fate is. Neha is being touted as tomorrow’s Katrina. However, that said, she has had good performances in films like ‘Sing Is King’ and ‘De Dana Dan’.
However, Neha is climbing the success ladder slowly, but the progress is steady. People have started recognizing Neha for her acting, instead of an actress who just shows off her assets. Heartening to hear this Neha!