Piggy Chops and Salman Khan’s bitterness on high peak

Gossip airing in the B Town is that Salman in a recently held interview titled his upcoming film ‘Bodyguard’ co-star Kareena Kapoor as the “the original Desi Girl” which is actually given to Piggy Chops by the bollywood . Is this statement is used in sarcastic way for Priyanka Chopra who has been given the tag ‘Desi Girl’ after the sexy track in Karan Johar production Dostana.

Piggy Chops and Salman KhanNow, PC is making efforts to come out from all these controversies which involves actor Salman .Further, Priyanka have decided not to talk with Salman Khan in any case.As per the latest news, Priyanka assured the folks that besides not talking with actor Salman Khan, she would also not with the actor in any of the film.Not only this, PC is so upset with the statements of Salman that she decided to not talk anything which is related to Salman in any sense.

It has been known that Priyanka is very much disturbed with the way Salman is making ridicule of her as this is not for the first time that he has done this. From now, She wants to stay away from him and have also warned media in her last statement that she doesn’t want to pushed into any Salman controversy.

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