Sex Tips

Often the husband and wife sexual problems arise because of communication barriers. For example, the wife of an open, closed husband, the husband of liberal, conservative wife, and many more.

To open the screen communication, John Gray, author of Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, recommends that couples ask each other the following questions:
1. What do you like when having sex with me?
2. How did you feel when having sex with me?
3. Do you like sex more often?
4. How many times do you have sex like every week?
5. Would you like a longer warm-up?
6. Is there anything special I should do next month when having sex?
7. Are you like a certain way when I touch your body? If yes, would you show how?
8. Is there something new that you want us to try?
9. Is there something I normally do what I want to do it more often?
Of course the questions above can be made in the form of more subtle because talking about sex is very sensitive

Sex Therapy


If the causes of your problems are purely psychological, then the best Erectile Dysfunction treatment for you is all kinds of sex therapy. With sex therapy, it is easy to overcome many psychological factors that usually bother you during sex and can cause erectile dysfunction.
First, contact your psychotherapist and work with him either alone or with your partner to lower the possible tension between you. Sexual counselors sometimes are very helpful, especially when it is necessary to solve such erectile dysfunction problems, like poor sexual communication and high expectations.