Monte Carlo (2011 film)

Monte Carlo is a 2011 American romantic comedy film directed by Thomas Bezucha. Nicole Kidman, Denise Di Novi, Arnon Milchan and Alison Greenspan produced the film for Fox 2000 Pictures and Regency Enterprises. It began production in Harghita, Romania on May 5, 2010.
Monte Carlo stars Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy as three friends posing as wealthy socialites in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The film was released on July 1, 2011. It features the song "Who Says" by Selena Gomez & the Scene and numerous songs by British singer Mika.
Grace Bennett (Selena Gomez) has spent several years waiting tables at a small town Texas diner to raise money for her and her best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy) to travel to Paris after Grace’s graduation. On the night before they leave, her mother and stepfather bombard Grace and Emma with news that Meg (Leighton Meester), Grace’s stepsister, is to accompany them. The girls are not happy with the arrangement. Upon arriving in Paris, the trip gets off to a rough start. Their tour is speedy, preventing them from enjoying the surroundings and their hotel proves to be just shy of inhabitable. But Grace is determined to make the best of things.
The next day they visit the Eiffel Tower where Meg has a second encounter with Riley (Luke Bracey), a boy she met the day before. The girls are left behind by their tour bus and Grace finally breaks down in disappointment.
That night, the girls seek shelter from the rain in a posh hotel where haughty English heiress Cordelia Winthrop Scott (also played by Selena Gomez) argues with the manager and concierge about a mistake regarding her traveling accommodations to Monte Carlo. Grace flees to the bathroom and hides in a stall before Cordelia enters. Emma and Meg are stunned by the similarity and the hotel manager mistakes Grace for Cordelia. Exhausted and wet, the girls spend the night in Cordelia’s suite.
The girls wake the next morning to a car waiting to take them to the airport. The manager hands Grace a package on the way out containing plane tickets. Emma excitedly accepts the car ride and tickets, while Meg is cautious.
After flying to Monte Carlo, the girls are taken to the Hotel de Paris and greeted by kindhearted Bernard Marchand (Christophe Malavoy) and his son Theo (Pierre Boulanger), who thinks very little of Cordelia. The girls learn there is to be a ball thrown in Cordelia’s honor that night and Theo is to escort her.
The girls get ready for the evening, with Grace wearing a multi-million dollar Bulgari necklace. Grace learns from Theo the necklace is Cordelia’s donation for an auction taking place Friday with proceeds going to help build schools. Theo begins taking a liking to Grace’s character, even noticing her cowboy boots from under her dress. Theo introduces Grace and the girls to Prince Domenico de Silvano (Giulio Berruti) and Grace successfully fools Cordelia’s aunt Alicia (Catherine Tate) into believing she is Cordelia.
Back in Texas, Emma’s boyfriend Owen (Cory Monteith) grows impatient from not hearing from her. Even though they broke up, Owen flies to Paris.
Meg and Emma quarrel at first with Grace struggling to play peacekeeper. But as their stay progresses, the two begin to get along. By chance, Meg meets Riley again and they spend a day together while Grace goes with Theo to a polo game and Emma gets ready for a date with Domenico.
At the polo match, Aunt Alicia figures Grace out after noticing she is riding Western saddle, as Cordelia rides English. Alicia promises to keep the secret as long as Grace continues to pose as Cordelia.
Emma runs into Meg on her way out with Domenico and gives her the necklace. Meg puts it in Riley’s backpack. Dinner with Domenico doesn’t turn out like Emma expected, and she spends the rest of the night in the hotel room watching To Catch a Thief. Trying to impress her, Theo takes Grace to a secluded place overlooking the Mediterranean where they watch fireworks go off.
Meanwhile in Paris, Owen sees a newspaper article of Grace, Emma and Meg and boards a train to Monte Carlo.
Riley takes Meg back to her hotel the next morning before leaving for Tuscany. Later, Meg realizes she forgot the necklace. In addition, Cordelia arrives and is greeted with a kiss from Theo. Cordelia slaps him. The girls hurriedly repack Cordelia’s luggage and manage to sneak out via the balcony, but are too late to catch Riley at the train station.
While they are gone, Cordelia sees the newspaper article, finds the necklace case empty and calls the police. In fact, Riley had found the necklace and came to return it. In the lobby, the girls are met by Theo who is irritated by Grace’s greeting. Before she leaves, Grace kisses a confused Theo who admits to the concierge “I just don’t understand women”.
Meg stops Riley in the hallway. He gives her the necklace and waits for her downstairs where Owen has now arrived, as have the police. The girls try to reason with Cordelia, but she threatens to have them arrested and call off the auction. They tie her up so Grace can attend the auction.
Owen sees Grace (as Cordelia) in the lobby and goes upstairs to find Emma. Cordelia breaks free and rushes to the auction where Grace interrupts the bidding to come clean. Theo leaves the room, hurt, and Grace begs the crowd not to let her actions interfere with their bidding. Alicia bids € 6 million to help Grace. Afterwards, Meg decides to go to Italy with Riley and Bernard has his driver take Grace, Emma and Owen to the airport.
The film ends with Meg and Riley climbing Machu Picchu. Emma and Owen settle into their new home in Texas and Grace goes to Romania to assist in the completion of a school. Theo happens to be there looking in on the progress, having decided to get more involved with his family’s work. He sees Grace from a window and chases her down by whistling for her. The two properly reintroduce themselves before the credits roll.