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7 April 2013, she the super cyber girl or perhaps the Queen of cyber webcam girl. She is now top search engine adult model. Her name is Xo Gisele( born on 26 November 1986 in Nevada, USA)

Xo Gisele

Her Adult model career start of 2001 - present. She shouldn't been ignore.

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 for me there is something missing from this girl. I can't feel any heat sensation to her.

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 Ok, about her career and profession path i think she wasting her time. Already 12 years, she must look through much bigger picture . Enter Hollywood star or Playboy star or perhaps be Porn Actress. Make a move to the next level.

She should be scold, she is getting older and not getting younger. If she still the same be adult model. I hope her best of luck find some rich guy. With that look, i think she easily catch big fish. Also hope her she money in her bank if she retired.

Her height 171cm and weight 55 kg. Her measurement is 34DD-26-35